Muthai River Walk

Mutha river does not flow through Pune city. Pune city came into being where Mutha flows. Let's understand our river, reason of this city's and  our very existence.

Let's explore the unexplored Mutha!!

Pune Rivers and Streams

How many rivers are there in Pune city? Where do they originate..

Find out all about Pune rivers and their feeder streams on this page

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People working for Pune Rivers

Here is the list of people and organisations working for rivers in Pune

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What is a Living River

What is a Living River?

A Living river is the one that sustains life. A river that supports food chain within can be termed as a Living River

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Be a River Reporter

Let's play Sherlock Holmes..

Do you see anybody throwing garbage in the river? Do you see leaky pipes draining sewage in the river? Do you see anything unusual near the river?

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Pune River Stakeholders

We are all dependent on our rivers. But for some people, river has direct impact on their lives. Who are they? Who is the decision making body for our rivers?

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Pune River Studies

All the reports, research papers, popular articles about Pune rivers can be found here

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Beautiful, Clean, Safe and Flowing Rivers is our Created Future.

What exactly is created future?

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Created Future

Do you want to be part of this future?