Dharmaraj Patil

Wildlife Researcher and Environmemt Educator by profession. Study birds and butterflies in the wild. Recent projects were on Indian endemic birds found in northern Western Ghats. Studying rare Forest Owlet bird for a few years now.

Have worked at national institues as expert on biodiversity. Formed Biodiversity Management Commitees (BMCs) and installed Peoples’ Biodiversity Registers (PBR) in 31 villages from Maharashtra and MP. It was as part of implementation of Indian Biodiversity Act 2002.

Was member of the secretariat formed by Shri Jairam Ramesh, when he was MEF, for nationwide public consultations on Green India Mission Program.

Member of IUCN’s Species Survival Commission on Forest Owlet. Editor of eBird forum for Maharashtra region. Published numerous research papers and popular articles in English and Marathi.

He is active part of Jeevitnadi’s bird walk and river biodiversity studies.