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Adopt A Stretch

The pilot project is being implemented on Mutha. It will be replicated on other Pune rivers with the help of organisations working on those rivers.

Idea: An organisation/ a school/ a college or a group adopts a particular stretch of the river and carries out certain activities regularly.

It can be a

  • Riverbank cleanup
  • Biodiversity documentation
  • Photo documentation
  • Socioeconomic surveys
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Pollution record and monitoring
  • GIS surveys
  • Short film creation


Click The River

Let’s click photographs, record videos of the Pune rivers and build the rich database for researchers, policy-makers, citizens to refer to.

Idea: Select a stretch of the river or a spot. That spot can be a bridge, a particular place on the river bank. Make it a point to click photographs of the said spot regularly.

Mail the photographs to jeevitnadi@gmail.com. We will store them to the river database with due credit.

River Walk launch

River Walk Guide

River Walk is quite a unique concept. Idea is to take a stroll along the river, visiting landmarks, discussing history and ecology of the river. It is one and half hour activity, full of fun, interactions, knowledge-sharing.

If you are passionate about the river and wish to share this passion with the fellow citizens, you are an ideal person to conduct the river walk. We will provide the necessary guidance and reference material.

Pune residents: River walk is conducted regularly for Mutha and Ram river in Pune. River walk for Mula, Pawana and Dev river is in the pipeline. Do contact us if you are interested in being a guide.

Outside Pune: If you wish to start a walk for your river or stream, we are here to help you. We will provide all the required guidance. We will also help you in publicity through our platform. All you have to do is fill in this form and we will get back to you.

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