2nd Anniversary

Our Story

Jeevitnadi is the organization comprising of individuals from diverse professional fields who are passionate about environment conservation. The mission of reviving rivers is our drive for all our actions.

Vision: Revival of Mutha river in Pune city

         -- Raising public awareness and participation

         -- Eliminating causes of pollution through toxin-free lifestyle

         -- Developing scientific and ecological management plan for revival of river and its sustainability

are our tools in achieving this vision.

Our Approach

Jeevitnadi means a Living River

We believe no river could be revived without active participation from the citizens.

Jeevitnadi is not simply an organisation, but is a platform, a forum, an advisory panel for anybody dreaming a Living River anywhere in the world.

Let's take a step towards making our river A Jeevit Nadi,

our Common Future, our Created Future


Our Activities

Story of a River Exhibition

The exhibition depicting story of Mutha river from pre-historic times till today. It consists of 45 displays in Marathi and English.

This exhibition was organised for the first time as part of Muthai River Festival 2015. Since then it has been arranged in various schools, colleges, institutes and organisations. It is borrowed by organisations working on other rivers as well since plight of all rivers is similar.

Catch a glimpse of the exhibition here

Contact us if you wish to organise it.

Muthai River Walk

We launched this unique walk on 4th October 2015 in collaboration with Janwani. Since then, it has been conducted almost every week. Objective of this walk is to bring people closer to river, generate awareness about river and river issues. Around 2000 people of all ages and from all walks of life have attended this walk.

This walk can be attended with prior registration only.

Rs. 100 for adults, Rs. 50 for Students & Senior Citizens.

Click event calendar link below to register.

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Toxin-free Lifestyle

Around 70% pollution in our rivers is domestic. The toxic chemicals that we use in our everyday personal as well as household cleaning products harm us and our environment. If our river is a mixture of toxic chemicals, then so is our body.

We conduct sessions where we discuss issues and provide solutions.

Learn More

Drop a mail to jeevitnadi@gmail.com if you wish to arrange our session at your institute/ organisation

Have a look at this short clip to know more

River Ecosystem Presentation

We conduct presentations focused on river as an ecosystem. In nature everything is connected. We often tend to miss out on these connections and in turn are clueless about consequences of our actions on our rivers and environment in general. These presentations are our attempt towards creating awareness about rivers.

Muthai River Festival

We believe no river revival project would be successful without participation of people. Muthai River Festival is our humble attempt to connect people with the river.

Click here to read more about it

Meet the Team

 Jeevitnadi is neither a project nor it is restricted to a single organisation.

Jeevitnadi is a movement.

Any person working for a river is a Jeevitnadi team member.


Team and growing...

Let's take a step forward

"We do not inherit earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children".

Let's take a pledge to return our children what is rightfully theirs'..

                                            A Living River