Jeevitnadi Living River Foundation (JN) has been working towards revival of Rivers through Public Participation since 2014. It acquired status of Section 8 (non-profit) company in year 2016.

Over this period, JN created so many innovative programs that generate awareness as well as citizen actions like Muthai River Festival, Toxin Free Lifestyle workshops, Muthai Riverwalk, Story of River exhibition, Adopt A Stretch program, Events by the River etc. The programs have provided a platform for citizens to participate meaningfully in the effort towards River Revival mission. 

From the beginning itself JN has been supported by generous well wishers like you who contributed financially as and when needed because of which JN has never been worried on financial front as well as not dependent on any particular corporate for CSR. We have accepted CSR funds only for specific projects and not for any regular activities.

These programs, evolved and refined over period of time, have proved their effectiveness to engage the citizens and make positive impact. We wish to continue for further refining as well as scaling up these programs for larger impact. And also create new ones.

For this, a proper structure is now put in place. You can refer attachment for details. To work on this, now we need more consistent resources like admin staff (part time for the time being), Compliance costs like financial audits/ statutory filings/ accounts writing, Logistics/ Conveyance and other sundry costs, Professional media handling, Photo/ Video documentations, remunerations for Experts involved etc. Estimated costs for all this in coming year is approx Rs. 5,50,000 – 6,00,000/-. 

Since we wish to run these programs continuously, we are looking for Donors who can support JN every year with some fixed contribution. The requirement of fund can be easily met if there are @500 donors committing minimum Rs.1,000/- per year for next 3 years. Also, you can contribute by sponsoring an event.

You all have supported JN since beginning and we are sure you will continue to do so in future as well in all forms.

Jeevitnadi account details for donation

Once amount is transferred, please send whatsapp message to Manish Ghorpade (93253 82401) mentioning Name, Date of Transfer & Amount of Transfer.

Once message is received we will issue Donation Receipts immediately.

Donations made to JN can be claimed for IT exemption under 80G ( certificate no. PN/CIT(Exempt.)/Tech/80G/273/2018-19/. Dated 30.08.2019)

Thank you all in advance on behalf of JN!!!

Jeevitnadi verticals, a mix of awareness and action programs that involve people in the river conservation

Muthai River Walk, Confluence Nature Walk

Awareness Generation activity that explores the unexplored aspects of the river

Adopt a River Stretch

Action oriented project that brings together good intentions in the society and converts it into meaningful action for river conservation

Toxin-free Lifestyle Awareness

Do you know our river is mirror of our health? This awareness generation session will teach you how you can keep you river clean from your house.

Muthai River Festival

Let's celebrate our rivers on the occasion of India River Day with this week-long festival. First festival was celebratd in 2015. It is no longer limited to Mutha, but is being celebrated for many other rivers.

Events by the River

Kids listening to stories in the riverbed, musical program in the riverbed, participatory paintings are the soft measures that help change perception towards river.

Nirmalya Management, Wetland Development

Yet another action-oriented program that reduces stress on our rivers, eliminate causes of pollution, to see our rivers gradually come back to life.