Our story

Sight of polluted Mula-Mutha broke our heart; made us uneasy. One day such heart-broken souls came together and decided to do SOMETHING.

Well, doing something was okay, but we had no idea what that something was.

Group started meeting regularly, once a week. Each of us started exploration of their own. We shared what we learnt, brainstorm ideas, met experts in the field.

We studied work of our teachers, our peers.

We hunted for success stories all around the world. All case-studies had one thing in common.

“River revival is not possible without people participation”

With this learning, we directed our efforts on What we can do for our river,

  • On individual level
  • On community level

Challenges for an urban river are enormous. Problems are intertwined.

The path was far from clear. We decided to take the first step, try out various approaches, observe, assess, do course-corrections and move ahead.

Gradually a roadmap appeared. We collaborated with people working in this field, people with experience, people with networking skills, people with vast collection of ideas.

We begged, borrowed, stole from all around us 🙂

Now, after 4 years, we have our own experience to bank on.

But the process has begun. There are more “uneasy” souls like us now; more and more uneasy souls join us every day.

We dream a river our children could swim in.

There is still a long way to go. With the army of river warriors, we have embarked on this journey.