What bothers me, does it bother the river as well?

What bothers us, ever wondered, if same thing bothers our river as well? IS she equally pained by the apathy of citizens? We are happy to share these musings by Ashwini, our project coordinator at Adopt a River Stretch, Vitthalwadi project खुपणारी एक गोष्ट मुठा नदीलाही खुपत असेल का? मुठा ...
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Ulhas river Karjat Mukund Bhagwat

Ekla Chalo re

Mr. Mukund Bhagwat contacted us with intent of starting "Adopt a river stretch" for Ulhas river at Karjat. We suggested he create a group of people and begin the work. Instead of waiting for the group to be formed and then starting the work, Mr. Bhagwat decided to start the ...
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Mutha ani Mi

There are so many reasons why not to work for the river. "It is the job of the government", "What I alone can achieve", "Unless people stop throwing garbage in the river, what I do will have no effect" and so on. Such thoughts never discourage people like Ashwini. In ...
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Events by the river Jeevitnadi

Confluence Diaries

From not knowing name of the river that flows a few metres from her society, to a dedicated river warrior, initiator and coordinator of "Adopt a river stretch" at Mula-Ram confluence, this is wonderful journey of Shubha Kulkarni. Shubha recalls her first visit to the site, beginning of the project, ...
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Nirmalya Management Project at Mula River Bank, Aundh

This is the blog by Jeevitnadi Founder-Director Shailaja Deshpande about Nirmalya Management project at Mula river bank, near Rajiv Gandhi Bridge, Aundh, one of the stretches adopted by Jeevitnadi under its "Adopt a River Stretch" program निर्माल्य खत प्रकल्प – राजीव गांधी पुलाजवळ गेल्या पाच वर्षाहूनही अधिक काळ नदीवर कम ...
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Mutha river Vitthalwadi

nadeechi katha ni vyatha

नदीची कथा आणि व्यथा - State and Plight of our Rivers A hard hitting poem on the state and plight of the rivers by Archana Mirasi, our core team member at Adopt a river Stretch, Mutha river, Vitthalwadi project.  ती आक्रंदत होती ...आहे... अजूनतरी.... पण ऐहिक गरजांचे बोळे कानात घातलेले ...
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Plogathon 2020

Plogathon 2020 and the river Punekar's Mega Clean up drive on 28th December In the midst of Christmas celebrations, preparing for New Year and a general festive mood of Punekars, I am sure tomorrow's newspapers will have extensive coverage of the Plogathon 2020 mega event. Plogging is an activity which ...
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Adopt a river stretch with KPIT

Adopt A Stretch with KPIT: Witnessing life on the banks of the Mula KPIT volunteers have been coming regularly to the Rajiv Gandhi Bridge, Aundh stretch since the last 2 months and we truly appreciate their contribution! This Saturday (December 14, 2019) started with Jeevitnadi river warriors orienting the KPIT ...
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