Muthai River Festival

We believe no river restoration project would be successful without participation of the citizens. Muthai River Festival is our humble attempt to connect people to their rivers.

Muthai River Festival is celebrated on the occasion of India River Day on 28th November. It is a week-long festival with various activities with focus on rivers.

Check out the videos to know more about this festival

(Both the videos contain music. You might want to adjust the volume of your device so that people around you are not disturbed)

How you can participate in Muthai River Festival

Based in Pune
If you are based in Pune, you can participate in the festival on Mutha, Mula, Ram, Dev, Pawana river. You can be part of events planned by others or you can create your own event.

To create your own event, you can fill-in details in the form below. We will get back to you.

Based Outside Pune

You can participate in the festival if it is already being celebrated for your river. Fill-in the form below and we will provide you contact details of the people