You are already practicing various measures that contribute towards river revival.

Now, it is time to take that initiative from individual-level to community-level.

We discuss a few ways below. Of course, these are simply pointers. Feel free to explore the ones you like.

Let us start, shall we?

How about arranging river exhibition?

Can you arrange exhibition in your society clubhouse or office hall? 

You can rent the exhibition for free. You only need to arrange for pick and drop. 

Jeevitnadi has created an exhibition, named “Story of a River”. 

It was launched as part of “Muthai River Festival 2015”. Since then, it has been organised at various schools, colleges, institutes, corporate offices, societies. 

It comprises of 45 displays of size A2. Each display has eyelets in 4 corners. Display is made of sun-board. 

They can be hung or can be kept resting against wall. 

Each display has information in English and Marathi. 

It is the story of Mutha river, right from its birth till today.

It is a great tool to generate interest and awareness about our rivers.

Displays are packed compactly in 2 bags, that can be easily carried in a rickshaw or car. 


Contact Mr. Niranjan Upasani – 9623444108

Practising toxin-free liefestyle?
Proudly announce it to the world !

As you know, various chemicals, some of them quite toxic, enter river from our house. Pollution in majority of our rivers is domestic. 

From your own experience, you know change is difficult. Many people wish to take that step, but are unable to. How about providing them a nudge in the right direction? 

Who is better person than person like you who has actually done it? Sounds complicated, hmm? Don’t worry. 

All you have to do it,

  • Take a photograph of you along with the toxin-free products that you use. 
  • Write a few lines, explaining what those products are, where you get them from. If you make them yourself, share the recipe in a few lines. 

That’s all. And write this in email, along with photos to our social media manager,

And while at it, how about sharing this video on whatsapp? Let it reach to many people, inspiring them to take this step towards better health and better environment? 

Group of volunteers at Mula-Ram confluence
Wetland Development in the Mutha River bed at Vitthalwadi, part of Adopt a River Stretch

How about adopting a stretch?

I know, the thought is scary. But don’t worry, we have made the process real simple. 

Here is a brief about the concept. 

Jeevitnadi launched Adopt a river stretch program in May 2017. 

Idea is to adopt a stretch of river/ stream, and work there consistently. 

Currently, we have 3 such adopted stretches. 

Regular work at the stretches brings about dramatic change in riverbed. It creates vigilance and becomes deterrent to various anti-social activities. 

Taking care of entire stretch is challenging. That’s why we have created these templates for you. You can adopt “one element”, follow the template. eg. if you adopt a temple on the riverbed, you can help reduce stress on the river from that temple, like nirmalya management. 

If you need any help, drop a mail to 

Still apprehensive? Don’t worry. Either drop in at any of 3 adopted stretches or if not from Pune, do talk to our stretch coordinators, who have been there, done that. 

Mutha River, Vitthalwadi, Off Sinhgad road, Every Sunday morning, 7:30 to 9. 

Adish: +91 8275712307

Mula River, Rajiv Gandhi Bridge, Aundh, Every Saturday Morning, 8 to 9. 

Mrinal: +91 9960350779

Mula-Ram Confluence, Aundh, Every Sunday morning, 8 to 9. 

Shubha: +91 9404948862

Read more about the program,

Want to organise an event on river bank?

Are you an artist? Or do you know any artist?

How about organising an event by the river? 

Events by the river is an unique concept by Jeevitnadi. Such events are highly effective in changing perception towards rivers. 

Currently, river and riverbed are considered dirty, filthy, something that should be avoided. Such events bring people to river and change the way people look at the rivers. 

Read more about the concept here,

Contact: Shubha: +91 9404948862

A group of people in a park Description automatically generated
Raja Kelkar Samadhi, Muthai River Walk Route

Bring friends and family to Muthai River Walk or Confluence Nature Walk

As you know, we have 2 walks, Muthai River Walk, on Mutha river, and Nature Walk, at the confluence of Mula and Ram river. 

These walks are very effective awareness generation tools. They generate interest about river, its history. When we know how river was in the past, we realise what we have lost. And then life is never the same again. Current state of the rivers starts bothering us, we are pained with garbage dumping we witness. 

Thus, these walks become the first step towards the long journey of river conservation. 

What can you do? 

  • Bring in group of your friends/ office colleagues for the walk
  • Celebrate your kid’s birthday, with his/her friends with the walk
  • Gift this experience to your friends and family, by registering on their behalf
  • Organise walk for your office colleagues on the occasion like Environment Day, Earth Day

(Please note: A nominal fee is charged for the walks. )

For registration and details,