Participate in River Events

Various activities happen with focus on river. Cleanup drives, River Walk, Lectures, Presentations etc.

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Healthy Rivers, Healthy Us

Do you know we can keep our rivers clean up to 70% through our own actions?

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Student Projects

Are you a student looking for a project? Look no further. You can do project on river with us.

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Be Part of River Clean-up Drives

Clean-up drives are necessary to prevent plastic entering the river. Plastic once in the river course is hazardous for aquatic life. This same plastic ultimately enters our seas and oceans affecting marine aquatic life and polluting the environment.

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Volunteer for River

There are various ways in which you can contribute.

  • Are you a subject matter expert? Be a student guide
  • Attend “Training of Teachers” and conduct Toxin-free lifestyle sessions
  • Participate in “Toxin-free Living” workshop
  • Arrange river-related session in your society, organisation

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Be Part of Muthai River Festival

Muthai River Festival is celebrated on the occasion of India River Day on 28th November.

It is a week-long festival with various activities with focus on rivers.

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Join “People for River” Movement

Human settlements happened on the banks of the river. Rivers provided water, rich biodiversity and fertile soils for agriculture. Eventually cultures developed and civilization flourished on the river banks.

Thus it always has been River for People.

Now is the time to be there for our rivers. Be the People for River.

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