Ecological Society

Ecological Society is founded by eminent ecologist and visionary, Shri. Prakash Gole.

The Ecological Society will continue to be a renowned and well known NGO in Ecological research and education.  The Society will continue to profess the fundamental principles of Ecosystems conservation and restoration coupled with sustainable livelihood generation. It will strive to create a “nature university”, which will create a breed of field scientists and research scientists, who can apply the principles of Ecology in furthering the vision of the Society.


Jeevitnadi – Living River Foundation

Jeevitnadi is the organization comprising of individuals from diverse professional fields who are passionate about environment conservation.

The mission of reviving rivers is our drive for all our actions.

Vision: Revival of Mutha river in Pune city

Raising public awareness and participation, Eliminating causes of pollution through toxin-free lifestyle, Developing scientific and ecological management plan for revival of river and its sustainability are our tools in achieving this vision.


Sagarmitra- Friends of Ocean

Sagar-Mitra Initiative will use plastics recycling research to improvingly recycle tons of plastic being fetched in by school students within the SAGAR-MITRA Initiative to address hazards of accumulating plastics in streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. In 2013-2014 our project will prevent 75 to 100 tons of plastic waste from polluting our streams, rivers and oceans by recollecting and recycling it through the DAILY actions of 1,50,000 students supported by their 4,50,000 family members and 100 schools and through the recycling research applied by our partners and through networking & administrative support provided by other NGOs and Local City Governments. This Action Program involves a deeper study of Oceans and the rivers which feed them, and the streams which feed the rivers, and the types of civilization on each bank of each river in the world.


Sustainable Living

The mission of Sustainable Living through its primary connection medium WhatsApp group would be create 100 such WhatsApp groups or suitable application on which a large number of users have presence.

From these 100 such groups we would reach out & educate 15000 citizens into highly evolved conscious citizens of sustainable living.

As this would be a ongoing process through this 15000 citizen, Sustainable Living will reach 1 million people around the world who would in process reach 100 million citizens through a process of chain.

Through education & raised consciousness this 100 million citizen will exchange concepts, products & services like never before in a Sustainable manner.

Connect, Educate, Integrate & Evolve to more conscious living systems. Apart from WhatsApp we are present of Facebook, Twitter, E-magazines & host of other publication & content creation independent media