The Pune city we see today, was developed in the same way. We generally say, Mutha river flows through Pune city. But that is not the case. Because this river was here, conditions were right for a city to develop here.

In fact, do you know, our city got its name because of these rivers. Confluence of rivers, sangam, is considered holy in our culture. The settlement that happened near the confluence of Mula and Mutha rivers came to be known as Punyavishay. Punya meaning. Punyavishay, Punyakvishay, Punyanagari, Punewadi, eventually it became Pune.

Let us take a sensing of the surroundings. We are at the ghaat of Sinddheshwar and Vruddheshwar temples. Shiva temple on the bank of the river is quite a common sight in India. But here peculiarity is, there are two Shiva temples in the same premises.

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