Returning back to our question. Age of Mutha river is around 1 crore years. Yes, i.e. 1,00,00,000 years.

Not convinced? Let us dive into our school geography to understand how and when this river was born.

As you know, now there are total 7 continents. But that was not the case always. All these landmasses were together in a single continent named Pangea. Pangea was surrounded by Tethys sea.

Then, Pangea split into two, Laurasia in the north and Gondwana Land in the south.

South America, Africa, India, Australia, Antarctica, all were part of Gondwana land.

Eventually Gondwana Land started disintegrating. Indian plate separated and started moving towards north. While it was passed over Reunion Island near Africa, a large volcanic eruption took place and this series of eruptions continued for around 30,000 years.

Lava that flowed out, eventually cooled off forming our Western Ghats. It happened around 6 crore years back. As you know, we call part of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra as Sahyadri. That is where Mutha river originates.

Indian plate continued its northbound journey and eventually collided with Asia. Due to this collision, silt from the Tethys sea was uplifted forming the Himalayas.

Himalaya is the youngest mountain in the world. Its age? Barely 4.5 crore years. 😊 Yes, that is geological timescale for you.

While on the subject, do you know, the oldest mountain in the world? Well, take your time. Answer to this question is provided at the end of the walk.

How a river is formed?

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