Welcome to Muthai River Walk

At Jeevitnadi, we firmly believe that river rejuvenation is not possible without active participation of the citizens. We consider Muthai River Walk as a first step towards it.

Muthai River Walk was launched on 4th October 2015, as part of Muthai River festival. Since then, thousands of people have attended the walk. 

We are happy to launch the online version of the walk, which you can enjoy from safety an comfort of your house.

Muthai River Walk serves to generate interest about our rivers.

A word about Jeevitnadi.

People who wanted to do something for the rivers in Pune city, came together and that is how Jeevitnadi, an informal group was formed in January 2014.

In September 2016, it became Jeevitnadi – Living River Foundation, a section 8 company, with mission of river conservation through people participation.

Muthai River Walk, as the name suggests is the walk along Mutha river. However, all the rivers in this region, especially Pune city, share the same archaeological history. And present of all these rivers, unfortunately is quite same. Hence, this same story applies to other Pune rivers as well.

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