Pune Rivers

Pune district lies in Bhima basin and the state of Maharashtra is in Krishna basin.

There are five rivers in Pune city namely, Mula, Mutha, Pawana, Ram and Dev river.

Journey of Mula-Mutha

Mutha river originates at a village named Vegare, in the Western Ghats, about 45 km to the west of Pune. Mutha river has two tributaries, Ambi and Moshi.

There are two dams on Mutha river, at Temghar and at hadakwasla. There are two dams, Panshet on Ambi and Warsgaon on Moshi.

After confluence, the joint flow of Ambi and Moshi joins Mutha river just before Khadakwasla dam reservoir.

Mula and Mutha river meet near the College of Engineering, Pune. After confluence the river is known as Mula-Mutha. Mula-Mutha meet Bhima river at Ranjangaon Saandas in Shirur Tehsil.

Bhima river meets Krishna river in the state of Karnataka. Krishna river ultimately drains into Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh.